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Are you searching for answers to the future… or you need information that will propel your life forward in the right direction with energy, excitement and above all satisfaction — you have come to the right place!  You are not alone!  We are your Coach…

The Value of Business Coaching can be PRICELESS…

Quote - Small Business Owner - Dare 2B FearlessCoaching Return on Investment - Dare 2B Fearless

Coaching Delivers for You

  • Business Coaches/Mentors are the 2nd most important business adviser right behind fellow business owners/peers
  • Business Coaches/Mentors greatest impacts are holding people accountable, impacts profitability & growth and a trusted adviser when making difficult business decisions
  • Strategic Planning, PR/Marketing and Leadership Development are often sited as priceless activities coaches provide to business owners
  • Business Coaches are valued in all economic conditions…
    According to The Alternative Board – Small Business Pulse 2015

Experienced Business Coaches / Mentors provide Priceless Impacts to Business Results

Results of a Manchester Consulting Group Survey

Tangible Business Impacts

  • 53% Improved Productivity
  • 48% Improved Quality
  • 48% Improved Organizational Strength
  • 39% Improved Customer Service
  • 34% Reduced Complaints
  • 32% Improvement in Retention
  • 23% Cost Reduction
  • 22% Improvement in Bottom Line Profitability

Manchester Consulting Group Study – Continued

Intangible Business Impacts

  • 77% Improved Relationship:  Reports
  • 71% Improved Relationship:  Stakeholders
  • 67% Improved Teamwork
  • 63% Improved Relationship:  Peers
  • 61% Improvement in Job Satisfaction
  • 52% Reduction in Conflict
  • 44% Improvement in Organizational Commitment
  • 37% Improved Relationship:  Clients/Customers

Fortune Magazine Study

  • 53% of businesses had an increase in productivity
  • 39% of businesses had an increase in customer service satisfaction
  • 32% of businesses had a better customer retention rate
  • 23% of businesses found a significant reduction in overhead costs
  • 22% of businesses increased their bottom line profits

Fortune Magazine Study – Continued

  • Taking more, better, and smarter actions because you set the goals you want
  • Having a balanced life that works… because you designed it
  • Making and keeping more money because you planned it
  • Making better decisions for yourself and the business because you are focused
  • Having greater energy to reach for more and not be consumed in the process

Coaching borrows from both Consulting & Therapy

Coaching = Consulting ~ Therapy

Coaching borrows from Consulting & Therapy - Dare 2B Fearless


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Professionals invest in themselves:  Golfers have swing coaches, a putting coach along with their caddy…  NFL & MLB players hire specialist to keep them in shape and develop their skills… recording artist hire voice coaches, producers & directors so they can focus on what they do best.  This is what we do for business professionals!  Amateurs remain amateurs because they may fail to invest in themselves to develop their skills, knowledge or prepare for the mental challenges we all must face…  It is not easy!

Our Team are experts at helping youbecause we invested in coaches, and paid the price of experience with over thirty years in leadership positions as entrepreneurs and corporate positions – we know what it takes and how to help you.  We are Professionals who utilizing Christian based principles that we believe in and know they are the foundation of happiness —  such as the “golden rule!”

If you are tired of all most and are focused on what you want out of life…

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Instead of being ashamed of what you have been through, be proud of what you have overcome!

Most people, including us, have struggled at various times in life & career.  Fear not, we are here to help you!  We walked on your path… the journey of life and were fortunate to find someone who helped us.  Yes, we needed someone at the right time that became the catalyst needed to leap forward, overcome the hurdles – some self-imposed, and achieve greater success and happiness.

We are here to help you discover your true self, direction & success…

Business Woman with Questions - Dare 2B FearlessWe do not judge… we were in your shoes.  You have many choices… we understand that everyone has different needs, wants and goals in life.  Because of this, below you will find different options that are especially designed to meet your needs.  Simply click on the option that fits you now… tell us something about your dreams/needs/wants and our professionals will make arrangements for a no-charge session to speak with you.  There is no obligation other than to spend one hour on the phone, or in person, with one of our professionals.  There is no charge for this time.

At the end of your FREE  discussion, it is your decision to continue.  It is your decision  —  could it be any simpler than this?  What do you have to lose?  Many discover their power to achieve exceptional results…

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